Vilja Romance & Marriage Questions


Dova: I wish there are more hours in a day, and I can sleep half as much as I need to now. (time) Aug 28, 2014 21:01:21 GMT
Emma: That's good news, Falion :) Aug 26, 2014 8:40:36 GMT
Falion: Morning everyone! Things are somewhat normalized again, so I'm for the most part free to resume my normal activities. (clap) Aug 25, 2014 11:30:02 GMT
Dova: (laugh) garlic? Speaking of food/cooking, I think we need a food thread for the foodies in the tavern. Aug 24, 2014 16:20:45 GMT *
blockhead: I keep reading "Eryniel" as "Emeril" the cooking show guy. Bam, let's kick it up a notch, etc. lol Aug 24, 2014 13:34:55 GMT
rhyls: rhyls Aug 23, 2014 13:01:34 GMT
rhyls: I've had Eryniel and Vilja working together even before I noted her to you. Never,Never had anything even remotely like your reports. Aug 23, 2014 13:01:27 GMT
Dova: , I have started a thread for you here. Aug 23, 2014 13:00:18 GMT
reacher: When will vilja star getting Ingredients Ive been wandering around for days still waiting for her to get the first one Aug 23, 2014 4:56:23 GMT
Dova: , please start a thread and detail your problem. Shoutbox doesn't allow for long discussions nor does it keep the history of them. One of us will help you soon, after you tell us what's wrong. :) Aug 16, 2014 12:17:53 GMT *
raizen: hey all anyone completed the tails of a donkey quest i need help Aug 16, 2014 10:13:05 GMT
Dova: turns out it's a problem with CloudFlare, so only some of us (in relation to our actual location) is affected by the server issues. Aug 11, 2014 14:00:59 GMT
blockhead: wibble :) Aug 11, 2014 13:17:46 GMT
Falion: I had one instance of the boards being down yesterday, but it was very brief and everything has been fine since. Aug 9, 2014 23:39:52 GMT
Seyheb: I haven't had any problems in the last couple of days so far. Aug 9, 2014 21:28:10 GMT
golddragon: HMMM.... seems fine to me... Aug 9, 2014 20:53:50 GMT
Dova: Also take a look at server status if you are indeed experiencing connection problems. They are still solving the issue at the moment, but it seems to stop affecting this forum. Aug 9, 2014 17:21:27 GMT
Dova: The main issue should have be resolved, if some of you still experience connection problems, please report them either here or start a thread. Aug 9, 2014 17:19:05 GMT
blockhead: Connection seems fine here. *shrug* Aug 9, 2014 17:13:30 GMT
Dova: Proboards has server issues temporarily for the past 2 days, the pb staff already knows about it, but there may be short periods of down time Aug 9, 2014 11:16:58 GMT