Vilja Romance & Marriage Questions


golddragon: Sad loss Feb 27, 2015 21:44:01 GMT
petra: Like many he should not have smoked... Feb 27, 2015 21:11:12 GMT
CollinMacleod: With great sadness, Leonard Nimoy has died... Feb 27, 2015 18:59:57 GMT
bardskye: Generators make great hurricane repellants. Feb 26, 2015 22:03:26 GMT
Sniffles: The trick with Vilja is minimizing the switching of appearances as changes of equipment cause. Feb 24, 2015 23:17:14 GMT
Sniffles: Vilja always futs up with appearance changes. With the quiver on her back she has appearance R, runs out of arrows she switches to appearance S then discovering arrows of a different flavor switches again to appearance T. Feb 24, 2015 23:14:34 GMT
jet4571: I was told the reasons why they spawn and that's why I said I don't see it being fixed even If I disagree. 1 arrow would've been better than 30 though and would serve the same purpose but she would use that arrow up in the first shot then use the better. Feb 24, 2015 22:38:25 GMT
Dova: Well, it was more like balancing different kind of quirkiness. Vilja seems to be more vulnerable to multiple draw-sheath and turning naked with the attack command if she ran out of arrows. Giving her steel arrows automatically seems like a lesser evil. Feb 24, 2015 21:01:39 GMT
reacher: cheers jet just that skyrim has steel arrows scattered all over Feb 24, 2015 10:35:46 GMT
jet4571: The arrows are like Lydias bow in annoyance factor but supposed to be there just incase she runs out. That's the reason and I for one disagree with it and they know it lol. Could be fixed but I don't see that happening. Feb 24, 2015 9:25:54 GMT
jet4571: "how do I get rid of vilja keep getting 30 steel arrows" You can't. She is setup to have 30 steel arrows supplied regardless if she has 300 Deadric or equivalent. Just need to remove them when they show up. Feb 24, 2015 9:23:21 GMT
CollinMacleod: Underhood fuse/relay box on passenger side of engine compartment near the strut tower[br]Fuse 2 (15A) Check this first if you need to pay the dealer. I had a Civic Best car I ever had. Well most reliable. Feb 24, 2015 1:18:14 GMT *
Dova: Honda civic 2010, will try that in a bit :) p.s. I am not too worried, already made a service appt with the dealership tomorrow. Feb 24, 2015 0:15:52 GMT *
CollinMacleod: What kind of car? Unplug the battery for 5 minutes. Feb 24, 2015 0:07:45 GMT
Dova: My car's dashboard computer stopped working... (sigh) Feb 23, 2015 22:52:27 GMT
reacher: how do I get rid of vilja keep getting 30 steel arrows Feb 20, 2015 10:05:31 GMT
Falion: No problems with Nexus from my end...*shrug* Feb 18, 2015 15:08:03 GMT
reacher: is anyone else having problems with nexus I cant get it to load it doesn't work any more Feb 18, 2015 12:31:56 GMT
Jac: Sorry to hear that, Mew. My wife's mother isn't doing well, so we can sympathize. Feb 17, 2015 19:13:29 GMT
mewgull: I´m back on the forum. My mum moved into a nursing home recently and there is an awful lot of paperwork connected to this, so I had to hold off from participating in internet forums until all this stuff was done. Feb 15, 2015 14:08:13 GMT