Is down?


Dova: Precisely, Wolf! :D Nov 21, 2014 5:24:24 GMT *
graykin: Hello everyone! Travel update, left Japan, in Los Angeles for 1 more week, then home! Miss you guys! :) graykin Nov 20, 2014 16:53:35 GMT
Wolf: Some Cranium Adherent Lousy Pelt? :D Nov 20, 2014 15:58:21 GMT
CollinMacleod: Cutaneous cranium superficial to the skull. In that sense. Nov 20, 2014 3:54:26 GMT
Dova: trivia of the day: did you know that scalp is an acronym-word just like laser? Nov 20, 2014 2:36:58 GMT
Dova: hmm, I can't find it, I thought we had one... Nov 15, 2014 23:29:09 GMT
blockhead: I do not recall. It would be in Tavern, I guess? Nov 15, 2014 23:17:39 GMT
Dova: Do we have an existing movie thread? Nov 15, 2014 23:01:41 GMT
blockhead: Atronachs don't seem to be that smart: prolly don't want them taking tests for you. :) Unless ... "give me top grade or me freeze you" Nov 14, 2014 2:56:50 GMT *
Dova: I wish frost atronachs can take my exams for me; otherwise, I am not too thrilled about waking up early in the morning. Nov 14, 2014 2:48:54 GMT
blockhead: Saw the radar image on that storm. Rather impressive: half the width of the country (well, not including alaska & hawaii). Here come the frost atronachs ;) Nov 14, 2014 0:19:37 GMT
CollinMacleod: We are getting a little ice, but no where near what they said. Nov 13, 2014 23:40:03 GMT
Dova: :( arctic vortex/Alaskan storm, whoever else is affected, stay warm! Nov 13, 2014 23:17:50 GMT *
reacher: Thank you for your replies it seemed when playing Skyrim with her she kept going back to what we did in Oblivion swimming etc and knowing Heneri before so instead of going to Solstheim with her again I though I would give Oblivion another go with her Nov 12, 2014 8:44:09 GMT
Ceit: Best time to play Vilja in Oblivion is the start of the game. Nov 12, 2014 1:48:02 GMT
CollinMacleod: There is no BEST time. She is fun to have along. However if you meet her after you have discovered many of the locations, cities etc. It will be faster to accomplish her quests. Nov 11, 2014 22:12:45 GMT
reacher: I have played Vilja in Skyrim and thought I would like to try her in Oblivion when is the best time for her to begin before/after main fighters or mages quests I take it to be after getting Martin to Cloud Ruler but then when??? Nov 11, 2014 19:35:12 GMT
CollinMacleod: Ah, the beauty of Latin. Things get silly names. Hippocrates was known to drink Lead sweetened Wine. Nov 9, 2014 4:27:35 GMT
Dova: There's also a structure referred as goose foot in the knees. The plant helps with the analogy, thanks Collin :) Nov 9, 2014 0:16:46 GMT
CollinMacleod: Look at the leaves. I presume you are talking about the plant. Nov 8, 2014 23:25:15 GMT