Is down?


laptopman66: thank you :) Jul 12, 2014 19:21:26 GMT
Seyheb: Welcome back Laptopman. :) Jul 12, 2014 19:08:14 GMT
laptopman66: after a short time away i am back ladies and gents :) Jul 12, 2014 18:34:17 GMT
Seyheb: Estimated 2 million spectators yesterday and 2.5 million spectators today. Another excellent day of racing in the TDF's visit to Yorkshire, but mostly further away in a different part. Jul 6, 2014 18:48:30 GMT *
wotan: There's a lot more of them, graykin. Jul 6, 2014 17:27:44 GMT
graykin: Just had to give a shout out to wotan! Really enjoyed the riddles you posted! :) Jul 6, 2014 15:48:23 GMT
Falion: That's great Seyheb! :) Jul 5, 2014 20:00:42 GMT
Seyheb: Fantastic: Tour de France first stage in North Yorkshire UK on some of my local roads including roads I've raced on myself. :) Shame about Cav crashing. :( Huge crowds - great atmosphere! Jul 5, 2014 17:36:42 GMT
Dova: it's been a good ride and a good game for the US. Jul 1, 2014 22:35:01 GMT
Dova: The match is on! Quaterfinals? Jul 1, 2014 19:07:23 GMT
Emma: Please have a look at the manual for the wardrobe that you will find in the Skyrim downloads section (pinned thread), there you will learn more. Jul 1, 2014 14:31:24 GMT
Emma: Rhyls are you sure you have assigned any clothes to all the wardrobes she is using? If you only assigned armor, she will most definitely go nude if you tell her not to wear armor. Jul 1, 2014 14:30:30 GMT
rhyls: Please tell me how to get Vilja to put some clothes on. I told her she didn't need armour inside, when it came off she is nude. how to get her to wear something Jul 1, 2014 14:23:34 GMT
Wolf: Amgepo habla español :) El lenguaje de este foro es Inglés (Amgepo speaks Spanish. The language of this forum is English) Jun 30, 2014 19:00:46 GMT *
kuskamona: hola emma . ando un poco perdido con la web, y seguro que lo estoy haciendo mal. necesito saber si entiendes algo de español, si? Jun 30, 2014 9:31:05 GMT
gabrielman: Hallo! Jun 30, 2014 0:54:39 GMT
jgf: Such courses aren't unusual for high school; by the time I graduated (class of '71) I had algebra, trig, geometry, physics, biology, and chemistry under my belt. Took the SAT, and ACT, my junior year. Jun 17, 2014 5:40:25 GMT
Dova: Like you said, that's basic (and the reform doesn't come until 2016). Most students get accepted by good colleges do not end their high school curriculum at just that level. Besides SAT is supposed to be taken during sophomore or early junior year. Jun 16, 2014 20:42:29 GMT *
Falion: Grats as well Teofa! ;) Jun 14, 2014 21:03:07 GMT
Falion: Grats on that JGF! :D Jun 14, 2014 20:55:26 GMT