Is down?


blockhead: Oooog, ate many jelly beans Apr 7, 2015 1:41:26 GMT
mewgull: Wishing everybody on this friendly forum a very Happy Easter! Apr 5, 2015 11:54:33 GMT
Falion: SSD's are great, just make sure you backup everything of importance to another drive, so if your drive fails you don't loose everything. Mar 31, 2015 11:38:25 GMT
laptopman66: yes, it's suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper fast :D Mar 23, 2015 19:49:49 GMT
blockhead: Ooooooo. SSD. :) Mar 22, 2015 21:31:06 GMT
laptopman66: gotta love it when computer hardware fails, although now i have a new solid state drive :) how is everyone? miss me? :P Mar 22, 2015 17:01:52 GMT
Dova: Happy Pi Day (cool) , just be patient, Vilja is still working on collecting her list of ingredients, and eventually she should ask you for help for finding several of them. Mar 14, 2015 21:05:56 GMT *
gothamneedsme: Hey thanks for the reply. I am at the ingredient quest where I have given her items but she is still searching. I have not noticed anything yet though, will I be noticing it later you think? Mar 14, 2015 18:34:13 GMT
stateside: and for this thread I want to mention I have a couple uncles who are are second generation Norwegian farmers come over from Finmark and they still tell Swedish jokes they heard from their father. Mar 12, 2015 11:55:56 GMT
osiris: Hello Emma, blockhead, mewgull!!! Thank you. :) After Oblivion I switched to MMORPG playing; then took a very long break from videogaming, this is one of the reasons for why IƬve been away for so long. ;) Mar 10, 2015 12:39:42 GMT
Emma: Osiris!! Wow, haven't seen you around for a VERY long time! Great to see you back again :) Mar 10, 2015 0:21:47 GMT
mewgull: Hi os, glad to see you here too! Yes, you know me from somewhere else. :) Mar 9, 2015 22:30:53 GMT
blockhead: Welcome back :) Mar 8, 2015 23:58:23 GMT
osiris: Hello everyone! I'm back after some time. :) How have you been? Mar 8, 2015 18:16:11 GMT
golddragon: Sad loss Feb 27, 2015 21:44:01 GMT
petra: Like many he should not have smoked... Feb 27, 2015 21:11:12 GMT
CollinMacleod: With great sadness, Leonard Nimoy has died... Feb 27, 2015 18:59:57 GMT
bardskye: Generators make great hurricane repellants. Feb 26, 2015 22:03:26 GMT
Sniffles: The trick with Vilja is minimizing the switching of appearances as changes of equipment cause. Feb 24, 2015 23:17:14 GMT
Sniffles: Vilja always futs up with appearance changes. With the quiver on her back she has appearance R, runs out of arrows she switches to appearance S then discovering arrows of a different flavor switches again to appearance T. Feb 24, 2015 23:14:34 GMT